Did that really happen? Did we really have an incredible concert with standing room only–the biggest audience anyone can remember in the CCA? With your help, we sold a LOT of albums and made a bundle of money for No More Deaths. Thank you so much! Here are numbers:

$1960 collected in CD sales
$ 364 donations at the door
$ 171 from the bar

We’ve sold 143 albums in the first week in Flagstaff.

TOTAL: $2495 + $900 in pre and post sales = $3,395 for No More Deaths! That’s the equivalent of 4,920 gallons of water (or the equivalent in food and medical supplies for people who need it. And we also sold $329 worth of paintings by a deported fellow in Nogales who is trying to pull his life together by painting.

Hearing an Arizona audience all sing “This Land is your Land,” all together, was a truly moving experience! That had to be one of the most eclectic concerts ever and everyone loved it. Thank you so much to all, artists and audience, you really did something beautiful! I will never forget Oct. 12, 2012!