The Border Songs CD is a compilation of spoken word and music addressing the catastrophic effects of US border policy. The CD was officially released October 12, 2012. We hope to raise nearly $100,000 for No More Deaths / No Más Muertes.
The Border Songs CD is available online at Twenty dollars from each sale goes directly to No More Deaths/No Más Muertes.

Month: November 2012

Just Returned From the Border

I just came back from another incredible trip to the border with students. Migrants, wet and cold, who had not eaten for three days walked into camp. They had been drinking cow stock pond water for two days before they found gallons of clea

n water left by NMD. At water drops, we saw where people left bottles of dirty stock water, which can be deadly, and took clean water. We’ve got a long road ahead to solve the political problem. For now, we can help the immediate problem by providing for basic needs. Each Border Songs album purchased will provide 29 gallons of clean water, or the equivalent in food or medical supplies to people who need it!

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Margaret Randall and Glenn Weyant

Border Songs CD contributors Margaret Randall and Glenn Weyant have collaborated on a new recording of spoken word and sound. Margaret’s poetry is complimented perfectly by Glenn’s ambient sound recordings. For us, it is gratifying to see the artist collaboration continue beyond our Border Songs CD.

Please visit Glenn Weyant’s website and give this a listen:

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KXCI Featuring Border Songs

Tucson’s community radio station KXCI has been featuring Border Songs on the air. One of our contributors passed a copy along to them. We haven’t really been promoting the CD for airplay yet. But here’s an idea:

Community radio truly represents the very best of radio — local, grassroots programming minus the hype and sensationalism of commercial radio. And you can help make it even better! We don’t have the resources to ship CDs to every community radio station we’d like to have play our CD. Consider purchasing a Border Songs CD and sending it along to your favorite local, community radio station along with a brief note explaining why you’d like them to have it. I guarantee they’ll take notice.

We really appreciate your enthusiasm and support for our project. Let us know if you send a CD to a radio station. Feel free to post your donation in the comments here, or email us directly at

Ésta es tu tierra!

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